Bird species recorded in the park include:

  •  Woodpeckers: including pale-headed, white-bellied, black-and-buff, heart-spotted and the great slaty woodpecker
  •  groups of 10-20 lesser adjutant birds have been observed, and the species is thought to breed in the centre of marshland
  •  various herons and egret species
  •  milky stork and the woolly-necked stork has also been reported in recent years
  •  a wide variety of resident and migratory waterfowl such as ducks can be seen: especially during the dry season. Although recorded, white-winged ducks may no longer be present in the park.

The reserve is also rich in birds of prey including several species associated with the wetlands, such as osprey, lesser fish eagle, grey-headed fish eagle, crested serpent eagle, collared and other falconets.

Some bird pictures reproduced from a display in the Park HQ.

- provides expertly guided tours and the website gives excellent information on birds of Cat Tien and other sites in Viet Nam.


links on birding:

Click here for species list of birds provided by Park staff and visitors.


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