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Lists of Species found in the Park:
(as prepared by staff and academic visitors: v. Jan. 2021).

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The Crocodile lake, in the northern part of the Nam Cat Tien segment, is a breeding area for a number of Siamese crocodiles (Crocodylus siamensis) that were reintroduced in 2000.

leaf turtle - Cyclemys cf. oldhamii

If you find a Tokay (Gekko gecko, Vietnamese: Tac Ke) in your room - do not be alarmed - it is looking for insects to eat and is considered to be lucky by many in the region. They can grow quite large (up to 400 mm) and the onomatopoeic name is from the mating call, which can often be heard in the forest.

Blue Crested tree Agama Calotes bachae

A flying lizard (Draco maculatus)

Other reptiles include the monitor lizard and a wide range of Asian snakes.

Viet Nam fauna pictures - click here.

Also see: Geissler et al. (2011) and Edward Galoyan's (Эдуард Галоян) photostream of amphibians and reptiles.



Microhyla fissipes is the ornate chorus frog and commonly produces the "quacking" sounds heard from marshy areas during the evening.

Polypedates megacephalus is the common tree frog in VN (althogh the name is used for a related species): they often venture near to lights in buildings in search of prey


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