Plants of the forest

 Click here - for a list of plants found in the Park, prepared by staff and academic visitors. (Updated Aug. 2021: conforms to APG IV; Eudicot families ordered alphabetically. Original Park list below.)
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Epiphytic ferns

Epiphytes grow on the outside of trees and other plants. They include mosses, ferns and orchids.

When epiphytic orchids fall to the ground, they are doomed to die - then (and only then) it is legitimate to harvest them for cultivation and decoration ...
Nearer to the forest floor ... Under-storey flowers

As in many Asian tropical forests, the Zingiberacae are represented in Cat Tien - including: forest gingers, Zingiber spp. such as the endemic Z. collinsii, Curcuma spp. (the genus that includes the spice turmeric) and the delicate Globba albiflora var. aurea. In the dry season, flowers in the Acanthaceae, such as Phlogacanthus, are well represented.


A substantial proportion of the park is bamboo forest which, although much less diverse than primary forest, does support a certain amount of wildlife and hold the soil (thus protecting riparian zones). This rather attractive 'bamboo archway' boarders the road near the Thac Troi (Heaven) rapids.

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